Nicola Dudhill, UK
Ferry Meadows, Nene ParkFerry Meadows Country Park is at the heart of the 700 hectare Nene Park in Peterborough in the UK. Visitors to the Park can enjoy extensive lakes, woodland, and meadow areas with a wide range of recreation activities as well as initiatives supporting conservation outcomes.

Outdoor recreation activities range from a boat trip, bird watching, cycling, golf, fishing or a horse ride throughout the year. The park is supported by a visitor centre, cafes, and Nene Outdoors, which offers a wide range of water sport activities at Lakeside from sailing to windsurfing. Connected parkland includes a purpose built rowing lake and sculpture park.

The large peri-urban park attracts about 1.1 million visits per year, has a number of events and a busy activity programme. Nene Park Trust is a registered charity and was established in 1988. Along with a 999-year lease on the Park, the Trust was endowed with commercial properties and other assets which now generate income to maintain the Park.


A family adventure at Ferry Meadows

 The Ferry Meadows 'Badger Play' area