Parque del Agua, ZaragozaAlberto Ipas, Director Generete Sociedad Municipal Ayto. Zaragoza, Spain
Parque del Agua is a relatively new park, created in 2008 as part of the International Expo in Zaragoza that focused on water and sustainable development.

Built on unused land bordered by canals, Parque Del Agua has rejuvenated the area and now boasts a number of recreational opportunities. At 120 hectares (nearly 300 acres), it is one of the largest parks in Spain.

In keeping with the water and sustainability theme of the event, the park was designed with a multitude of aquatic features, with water from the Rio Ebro circulating through various features before returning to the river. Seven years after the conclusion of the Expo, Parque del Agua continues to be a draw for tourists and locals alike, hosting more than 1.5 million visitors per year.

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