World Urban Parks LinkedIn Group Network

For starting and contributing to conversations on urban parks, open space and recreation issues World Urban Parks maintains the World Urban Parks Initiatives (WUPI) site on LinkedIn.

The site, on the linked icon below, is open to any related professionals. As at 6 April 2015 there were 404 site members and growing.

Some recent topics have been:

  • Keynote - Future of Parks, Japan
  • Design Legacy Discussion
  • Health and Nature
  • The Value of Urban Parks and Open Spaces
  • World Urban Parks organisation a Reality
  • Professional Mentoring - Are we Missing the Mark?
  • Consulting WUPI members - Draft Prospectus, World Urban Parks
  • Be a friend of the Greater London National Park campaign (featured below)

 Daniel Raven-Ellison

Member networks

A key advantage of being a member of World Urban Parks is interaction with colleagues around the world. This can be through conferences, technical tours, committees and other formal activity. But members can regularly contact each other directly to get together, ask advice, seek a research partner, find people experiencing similar issues or who have that policy they are looking for, find people who might like to form an informal working group, undertake a staff exchange etc. A contact list of members is circulated to all members and will be maintained on the website in a members-only area.


Resource Database

A resource database to share of best practices, useful policies will be developed in the members-only area.