Du végétal “produit” au végétal “patrimoine”pour un développement touristique et économique du territoire

Register today for the Reims Annual Conference!

From October 4-6th, 2018 The Hortis Association will be hosting lectures and sessions at the Conference Center in Reims, France located at 12 boulevard Général Leclerc - 51000 Reims.

Topics will include:

  • The diversity of our landscapes and their natural vegetation in sustaining human life
  • Enhancing our green spaces to attract tourists while preserving and respecting the land and their natural resources
  • Developing quality eco-tourism for your parks and lands
  • How to create a societal and economic vision to preserve our natural vegetation and our resources
  • Approaches towards environmental urbanism
  • The agricultural sector and their new bio-economic practices

For more information on the conference check out the program here!

Please note that registration will increase by 20% after August 15th, 2018 

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