Pictured: Kevin O’Hara of NPRA and Karl Nesbitt of NZRA

Ten national recreation and park associations came together through  webinar on 26 July 2017 to discuss Financial Growth and Sustainability through Income Diversity. The webinar was hosted by the World Parks Academy as an initiative of the World Urban Parks Alliances Committee.  World Urban Parks is unique in having most of the world's national associations as members, with four seats on the board allocated to national associations. This was the first time leaders from park and recreation associations around the world came together to share financial management strategies, and the group expects to meet 2-3 times per year to share knowledge of mutual benefit.

Following introductions, discussion was facilitated by two national associations with diverse incomes. Kevin O'Hara of the National Parks and Recreation Association of the USA and Karl Nesbitt of the New Zealand Recreation Association (pictured). Although membership fees are often the main form of income, this was not the case for these two associations. The roundtable discussion indicated that there was a mix of innovative and classical income sources among the associations.


The World Parks Academy offers monthly webinars and is continuing to look for speakers to provide 45 minute presentations on a topic related to the parks and recreation industry. The Academy website can be viewed at 

Certified Parks & Leisure Professional to be Offered in Australia

The World Parks Academy and Parks and Leisure Australia (PLA) have signed an agreement to offer professional certification to the 2,500 members of PLA. The agreement was signed at the World Urban Parks Asia Pacific Congress in Singapore on 18 July 2017. PLA representatives updated the international Certified Parks Professional credential to reflect Australian needs. The credential, to be known as the Certified Parks and Leisure Professional CPLP (Australia) will be jointly awarded by the Academy and PLA.

Signing of the MOU. Photo (front) Digby Whyte CEO WUP, Mark Band CEO PLA, rear Martin Lambert President PLA, Elisabeth Fournier Secretary General Hortis (the first national association to partner, to provide CPP France)
Second photo adding Bishop Ngobeli, incoming president of IERM in South Africa, that will likely be the third national association to have a national CPP partnership; and Emmanuel Maphorogo, the first CPP recipient in South Africa

This article is the fourth part of a series of articles composed for World Park News to explore the concept of National Park Cities. Titled ‘UK’s Best idea for Parks – The National Park City Concept’,this article explores what might be the “UK’s Best Idea” for parks.


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Kok Hwee is pictured pointing to green initiatives in

This month we feature eight publications and resources recommended by Kok Hwee Cheong, Director of Special Projects with the National Parks Board of Singapore (NParks). These relate to the skyrise greenery efforts in Singapore as part of Singapore's the 'City in a Garden' theme. Due to population density Singapore is a leading country for integrating green space into the built environment.

Publications include government policy and incentives for greening buildings, NParks' website supporting skyrise greenery, NParks' 'Leaf' certification scheme recognising outstanding greenery projects and the Building and Construction Authority's 'Greenmark' scheme to create sustainable buildings; and publications on Singapore as a garden city, and for vertical greening and appropriate plant species.


Johannesburg, South Africa | 11-13 September

The Institute of Environment and Recreation Management (IERM) will be hosting their annual convention from Monday, 11 September 2017 to Wednesday, 13 September 2017. The convention is in partnership with the University of South Africa (UNISA).

The conventions theme is ‘People and Green Space – Cradle to Grave,’and includes sub-themes on topicssuch as, parks and green space, application of green infrastructure, urban ecotourism and maximizing community benefits through tourism, and more. Over and above the formal proceedings, a program of social outings and entertainment is being arranged. Register now for the IERM Convention happening this September.

To register, visit the IERM convention website>>

Hortis Conference - Des espaces verts au service de la santé  - Lyon, France| 5-7 October 2017
Green City Days by Paysalia - Lyon, France| 5-7 December 2017

Register now for both Paysalia's - Green City Days and Hortis' - Des espaces verts au service de la santé. Both events will focus on urban landscape and gardening, and will be held in Lyon, France and hosted in French.

Visit the Paysalia website to register and for more information>>
Visit the Hortis website for more information>>

Gil Penalosa, World Urban Parks Chair

Gil PenalosaWe are proud and delighted to announce World Urban Parks has chosen the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association (ARPA) to take over our Secretariat responsibilities. Through a tender process, ARPA presented the winning proposal, and the best capacity to support World Urban Parks through the next three years of exciting growth opportunities.

We congratulate ARPA CEO Bill Wells and his team, and look forward to a vibrant and productive relationship for all involved.

Everyone at World Urban Parks would also like to take this opportunity to say thank you to the New Zealand Recreation Association for its commitment to providing World Urban Parks secretariat services through its establishment and early development phase from 2015-2017.

NZRA provided a unique and important contribution to World Urban Parks, getting us going in the early days and now with our feet firmly planted for the next phase of growth. A special thanks goes to NZRA CEO Andrew Leslie and his team, particularly Administrator Kusum Nathu, former Senior Administrator Katie McCrae, Administration Manager Harmoney Jackson, Communications Executive Fraser May, and Web Developer Mike Henton.

Starting from 1 August 2017 the Secretariat will be provided by assigned staff of the Alberta Recreation and Parks Association based in Edmonton, Canada. Our CEO, Dr. Digby Whyte will coordinate the transfer.

APRA has a diverse membership and proven ability to forge unique partnerships across diverse sectors. We are very excited to have their expertise and leadership supporting our mission at World Urban Parks.

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Urban National ParkThis article is the third part of a series of articles composed for World Park News to explore the concept of National Park Cities. Titled ‘What constitutes the attributes that define a National Urban Park', it explores how we currently define national urban parks.

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Park WebinarThe World Parks Academy is offering two webinars in July. The first is titled Green Heritage Amenities and Contributions to Society, and is open to all. The second, Association Financial Growth and Sustainability through Income Diversity is an invitational roundtable webinar for national associations.

Invitational webinar: Association Financial Growth and Sustainability through Income Diversity
This invitational National Associations Roundtable webinar for World Urban Parks national associations will include short presentations from associations with diverse income sources and an interactive discussion from association representatives.

This webinar will take place on 26 July. For more information contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Webinar: Green Heritage Amenities and Contributions to Society
Presenter: Caroline Gutleben, Director of Plant & City, France

Parks and public lands offer a broad range of services in urban areas. Scientific studies increasingly show the benefits of urban green spaces on human health and well-being, social and community cohesion, biodiversity, thermal regulation, air quality, drainage and soil protection, as well as on the regional economy. This webinar will explore current research on the benefits of parks and public green spaces and how the research is synthesized by governments to direct policy and plan the future of our cities.
This webinar will take place on July 12 at 10:00 am (EDT), and provides optional credits for the World Urban Parks Certified Parks Professional and Certified International Parks Professional continuing education programmes.

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http://www.salzburgglobal.org/topics/article/fellows-of-the-child-in-the-city-health-parks-and-play-launch-salzburg-statement.htmlDuring ‘The Child in the City’, a five-day programme held in March, 52 experts in urban planning, childhood development, conservation, environmental policy, and health considered how green spaces could better meet the needs of children.

This event resulted in The Salzburg Statement on The Child in the City: Health, Parks and Play, which recommends several policies, practices and investments. It also contains actions which can transform cities for children.

Read the statement on the Salzburg Global Seminar website>>

Selected by the World Urban Parks Applied Research Working Group
Research articlesThis month we feature four recommended research articles, including a survey on elderly satisfaction with parks in cities with high population density, a study on how green space reduces stress in deprived communities, a geospatial study on youth access to parks in Denver, Colorado based on socioeconomic status and a study on the importance of urban nature for wellbeing and city sustainability.

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i-treeWorld Urban Parks member association Stadswerk in the Netherlands has worked with VHG to pilot and introduce the American open-source software program i-Tree.

This program sheds light and insight on the financial benefits trees have on their surroundings. i-Tree takes factors such as rainflow regulation and shade into consideration and converts these factors into a currency value, which in turn helps policy officers and tree consultants with tree-related issues.

After a meeting with US and UK partners Stadswerk produced a 90 second introductory video on i-Tree.

View the video>>

International ForumWorld Urban Parks is partnering with the City Parks Alliance to present an International Forum as part of City Parks Alliance's 2017 Greater & Greener Congress.

Held on Wednesday 2 August from 7.30am to 3pm the International Forum is a day-long series of interactive presentations and discussions about approaches cities across the world are taking to create healthy, sustainable, and resilient green and open spaces.

The Greater & Greener International Forum is a unique opportunity to explore the international perspective in four key sessions: Healthy Parks, Healthy Cities; River Revolution Cities; Large Parks and Cities and Getting it Right.

Presentations from three World Urban Parks Chairs will feature: Gil Penalosa, Dr Richard Murray, and Helena Bjarnegård. Other World Urban Parks members presenting at the forum include City Parks Alliance Executive Director Catherine Nagel and Director Jayne Miller.

A strong panel of diverse speakers will speak at the forum’s panel discussions, including the Mayor of Tirana, Albania Erion Veliaj, medical advocate Dr William Bird, and the publisher of Next City Tom Dallesio.

Read the International Forum Programme>>

View International Forum details>>

Register for the Greater and Greener Conference, including the International Forum>> 

A master class in parksWorld Urban Parks keynote speakers will present an all-day master class at the Asia-Pacific Congress and IPRS International Greenery, Recreation, Infrastructure and Parks Congress.

The master class presenters will focus on 'Parks of the World Best Practice and Management' in collaboration with their Singaporean colleagues.

The master class is led by Parks and Leisure Australia President Martin Lambert and CEO Mark Band, and features Keith Anderson (Director Washington DC Parks), Eric Moraczewski (Director CityArchRiver Foundation, St Louis, USA) and World Urban Parks CEO Dr Digby Whyte. Topics range from parks as critical infrastructure to trends in park management, benchmarking, and overviews of US agency park management.

The master class is offered on 17 July at the Marina Bay Sands congress venue, the day before the 18-20 July congress.
View the master class brochure>>

Visit the Congress website to register>>

Singapore | 17-20 July 2017

Asia-Pacific CongressThis is your last chance to register for the International Greenery, Recreation, Infrastructure and Parks Conference – the Institute of Parks and Recreation Singapore and World Urban Parks Asia Pacific Congress.

Held at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre with its striking rooftop park, the conference is adjacent to the equally striking 101-hectare Gardens by the Bay. Links to flight bookings and conference accommodation are available on the Congress website.

The latest programme is now available on the event website, and pre-event activities begin on 17 July, featuring master-classes facilitated by conference keynote speakers and an opportunity for World Urban Parks members to meet.

The conference itself takes place on 18-19 July, with a technical tour of a variety of interesting and innovative parks on 20 July.

This unique international conference spans parks, recreation and green building and infrastructure, and blends public, private and community perspectives. Join colleagues from these related sectors in sharing knowledge about best practice for the planning, funding, development and management of green spaces and infrastructure.

Visit the event website to register>>

Minneapolis and St. Paul, USA | 29 July - 2 August 2017
Greater & GreenerNow is your last chance to register for Greater & Greener 2017: the two-yearly conference of the City Parks Alliance.

Join more than 1,000 global park leaders exploring the power of parks in supporting healthy, resilient and sustainable cities. Attendees will learn best practices of urban park design, management and programming, and network with experts in the public, private and non-profit sectors.

World Urban Parks is partnering with CPA to present a day-long International Forum at the event on 2 August, which is limited to 200 participants.

The International Forum provides an important networking opportunity for World Urban Parks members as well as leaders from large cities, national parks services, non-government organisations, and academics. In addition, a post-event technical tour to Chicago is planned for World Urban Parks members.

Special rates apply for World Urban Parks members for full Conference Registration. Full and day registrations also include free attendance at the International Forum for World Urban Parks members.

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