The first National Park City Forum was held in London on the 20th July, to commence the development of the Universal Charter that will guide the adoption of the National Park City concept internationally.  London in 2019, will become the first city in the world to be a National Park City.

Eighteen individuals participated in the Forum, at the famous GuildHall, London.

An appropriate venue given the significance of this concept as he building has been used as a town hall for several hundred years and is still the ceremonial and administrative centre of the City of London. The term "Guildhall" refers both to the whole building and to its main room, which is a medieval great hall.  

Some of the major world leading urban and park organisations participated in the forum and included: Salzburg Global Seminar, Greater London Authority, IUCN, Parks Canada, Natural England, City of London, Rawlings, Institute for Global Prosperity, Gewildgroe,  Hortis, John Muir Trust, Mosaic Insights and New Weather Institute.

“It was great to see the lead that London has taken in developing the National Park City concept developed, challenged and broadened by others to create a framework that could be flexed and adopted by other green cities.”   Mark Camley – Chair Advocacy Portfolio World Urban Parks



The event was co-hosted by the National Park City Forum and World Urban Parks with close support from the City of London and Salzburg Global Seminar. 


This forum has enabled extensive debate and discussion based around the work that has been achieved in the development of the London National Park City concept so far ( )   This has led to the development of an initial Charter to be considered further at other forums over the coming 6 months. 


'It was an inspirational start to the all-important work of agreeing an international charter. The collective mission of connecting the majority of the World's population that live in cities with nature and protected areas was shared.  It was agreed that further dialogues across the world now need to take place to shape the charter and make it as powerful a tool as possible for communities to use.' Alison Barnes Chair of the International National Park City Panel


The Second Forum

The Second International Panel for National Park Cities will be hosted by World Urban Parks and The Department for Environment and Water (South Australia) and will occur in Adelaide (Australia) from the 11th to 13th October.  The Forum will be opened by the Honourable David Speirs MP, Minister for Environment and Water.

Watch the video:

"A National Park City is a place you can enjoy, a vision you can share and a movement you can join. We had a powerful and optimistic gathering, agreeing on many of the challenges that cities face and the role that National Park Cities could play in overcoming many of them. The meeting created the space for us to set out some key questions and a process, but the next phase will be to listen to opinions from around the world. The Charter will be key to inspiring us to act together and I'm looking forward to developing it further in Adelaide and beyond."

Daniel Raven-Ellison – National Park City Foundation