This month an article and a video series are recommended by the WUP Knowledge and Research Working Group.


Urban green space for health and well-being: developing an ‘affordances’ framework for planning and design Journal of Urban Design Vol 22, 2017 Issue 6

Abstract: A vast literature exploring environmental influences on human health and well-being has provided renewed interest in connecting planning for the built environment with health initiatives. In response, planners and urban designers have been tasked with translating this knowledge into spatial planning and design schemes. This paper responds to an identified need for a conceptually-informed framework for green space planning and design for health and well-being that moves beyond attribute-descriptive studies. The notion of an ‘affordances star’ is proposed as a means to maximize the functionality and inclusivity of green space for health and well-being.


City Parks: America’s New Infrastructure - Health City Parks Alliance USA

Abstract: Highlighting the health and social benefits of urban parks. The video features tangible outcomes and examples from parks in Brooklyn, NY, Denver, CO, and Oklahoma City, OK as well as national context for the health benefits of parks. Local governments, healthcare professionals, and employers are recognizing the role parks can play in a healthy workforce by reducing healthcare costs and making cities more competitive for private investment.

This is the second of a five-video series “City Parks: America’s New Infrastructure” documenting the multi-functional benefits of urban parks.