Green City Days by Paysalia - Lyon, France| 5-7 December 2017

By Daniel Boulens General Manager of Public Parks and Gardens for the City of Lyon


I invite World Urban Parks members to attend Paysalia in Lyon. Paysalia is an important annual exhibition about landscape, plant production, materials, equipment and supplies, gardening, furniture, water, watering, floors, soils and environment, golf courses and sports grounds. See the Paysalia brochure.


There are many conferences and especially “the green city days” allowing to exchange and understand better the problems relating to green space developments. I will be looking after this part and invite you to join me. Elisabeth Fournier, Noémie Jolibois, myself and students will be pleased to translate the events to English.


I propose 2 days with conferences and visits, on Dec 6th and 7th with 2 themes: ‘Working in Parks and Gardens – understanding the risks and how to prevent them” and “Landscaping specialists – Building your business future”


There are two other optional days. On December 8th there is a workshop about safety and security regarding tree management in the biggest park of Lyon (Tete d’Or Park, 105 hectares), and in the afternoon you can visit the botanical and zoological gardens in the same park, and in the evening attend the renown international Festival of Lights in the City (a unique event in the world attracting more than 3 million visitors each year). On December 9th I suggest you visit the UNESCO Heritage of Lyon and to understand the environmental policy of the City.


The cost is only 50 € for 2 days (including buses and lunch on Dec 6th and 7th, and the cost of the meals for the 2 other days (transportation with public transport).


Because the period is during the international festival of lights you should book hotels and any flights early.


Visit the Paysalia website to register and for more information>>