Conference Presenters

Just over 200 people participated in the International Greenery,Recreation, Infrastructure and ParksConference, which also included a World Urban Parks Asia Pacific Region Congress. The event, held 17-20 July, 2017, was a partnership with the Institute of Parks and Recreation Singapore (IPRS). The Congress included a day long master-class focused on 'Parks of the World Best Practice and Management’ andatwo-day conference at the iconic Marina Bay Sands. World Urban Parks representatives came from ten countries with five keynotes and most others speaking. Martin Lambert and Mark Band of Parks and Leisure Australia facilitated the master class attended by about 100 people with additional contributions from the USA (Eric Moraczewski), South Africa (Emanuel Maphorogo), France (WUP director Elisabeth Fournier), Malaysia (WUP director Dr Noor AzlinYahya), and New Zealand (WUP CEO Dr Digby Whyte). The conference also featured WUP speakers from Japan (Dr Yukio Kida), Hong Kong (Dr Johnson Chang), and Australia (WUP Chair of Older Adults and Parks Committee Tim Geyer). WUP director Ryu Ono also participated.


 The IPRS is a diverse national association that also partnered with the Green Building Association. The Association has an outstanding range of architects and developers involved in providing green buildings and green space in high rise development in Singapore and other highly populated Asian cities, some of which received awards at the gala evening. The Singapore 'City in a Garden' theme was very apparent and the National Parks Department responsible for Singapore's Green Space was generous in hosting some of the WUP members to view the greening initiatives.


The dedicated IPRS conference team was led by Maria Boey (President) and David Chong (Vice President). As Co-Chair of the WUP Asia Pacific Region, Maria chaired a meeting of members to discuss future activities, including supporting the creation of a national association in Indonesia, requested by Karen Tambayong.


Award Recipients
Dr. Ken Yeang, Leading Eco-Architect
Conference Session
Eric Moraczewski, discussing the St. Louis Arch
Gardens By the Bay, Singapore
IPRS Conference Organisers
Form left to right. Karen Tambyong, Indonesia; Elisabeth Fournier, France; Dr. Noor Azlin Yahya, Malaysia.
Maria Boey Chairing the WUP Meeting
(Left) Martin Lambert and (right) Mark Band of Parks and Leisure Australia present.