Helena Bjarnegård, Sweden
JubileumsparkenThe first phase of Jubileumsparken (the Jubilee Park) will be inaugurated on Gothenburg’s 400-year anniversary on 4 June 2021.

The large urban park is planned to be a meeting place for everyone, characterised by biodiversity and with a close proximity to the water. It will evolve with its users and, as a result, create a lasting impact on the future. It was created in open dialogue and collaboration as part of the wider Gothenburg RiverCity urban development programme.

Jubileumsparken, with prototypes such as a pool, a sauna, a play space, urban farming and a roller derby court already exist in part. The prototypes were constructed as part of a strategic ‘place building’ project, where park users partook in the planning and construction in order to create a space that addresses their needs and wishes long before the first permanent dwellings in the Frihamnen development area had been completed.

The design of the first phase of Jubileumsparken, which will be based on the findings of the prototypes, is currently being studied by the City of Gothenburg in collaboration with three teams of consultants.

For more information please visit: http://alvstaden.goteborg.se/jubileumsparken>>

Collage of Jubileumsparken concepts

Image credit (collage): Team Topotek1/Landskapsgruppen, Team Spridd/Lovely Landscape/Studio Elin Strand, Team Mareld/Atelier Le Balto