Big Break Regional ShorelineCarolyn Jones, East Bay Regional Park District, USA

Big Break Regional Shoreline is one of the newest and most popular parks of the East Bay Regional Park District. Located in the rural community of Oakley, Big Break lies near the confluence of California’s two greatest rivers, the Sacramento and San Joaquin.

The centrepiece of the 1,648-acre park is the Big Break Visitor Centre at the Delta, an educational facility with exhibits on the Delta history, agriculture, water, ecology and wildlife. A 1,200-square-foot interactive map shows visitors how water flows through the region, giving an overview of the importance of the Delta in California’s history and ecology.

The mix of fresh and salt water creates an “edge effect,” with abundant habitats and species diversity. More than 70 species of birds frequent Big Break, along with 27 special-status wildlife species including the western pond turtle, river otter and beaver.

Fishing, boating, naturalist programs, hiking and bicycling are also popular activities at Big Break. The park is connected to several regional trails that link to nearby towns, schools, public transit and other parks.

Located at the far eastern edge of the Park District, Big Break attracts visitors from throughout the East Bay as well as the Delta region, serving a diverse and growing community.

The East Bay Regional Park District is the largest of its kind in the country. It encompasses more than 120,000 acres across two densely populated counties east of San Francisco. With 65 parks, 40 miles of shoreline and more than 1,250 miles of trails, the Park District attracts about 22 million visits annually. We invite you to visit!