The Memberships and Partnerships Committee is a new committee to be formed under World Urban Parks. The Committee will be responsible for membership engagement and communications as well as networking and partnerships.

Membership engagement will involve targeting communications and services to different member types, surveying needs and satisfaction, and ensuring good customer service.

A range of communications media suitable for international members and public will be maintained. Current communications include:

  • The World Urban Parks website (with electronic language translation ability)
  • World Parks News emailed monthly and linked to the website
  • LinkedIn World Urban Parks Initiatives group networking and discussion site
  • Direct email and post
  • Communications from partnering organisations such as the World Parks Academy and Yardstick

Communications also include advocacy, press releases, and coordinated events that support urban parks, open space, and recreation outcomes.

Networking includes maximising opportunities for members to connect electronically and face to face, whether by the World Urban Parks Congress, partnered conferences and seminars, technical tours, committees and joint working parties, LinkedIn World Urban Parks Initiatives site, and Member Contacts List (see Members Login  - Networks).

World Urban Parks will develop a number of partnerships that expand services to members, leverage member services and products internationally.


Memberships and Partnerships Terms of Reference



Memberships and Partnerships Committee

Membership is now open for this committee from WUP members.





Jenn Halliday (Chair)

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New Zealand

Kevin O’Hara (Deputy Chair)

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Svetlana Maximchenko

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John Senior

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Tim Geyer

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Healthy Parks Healthy People

Ifpra supports Healthy Parks Healthy People which explores the links between nature and human health and the value of reconnecting people to nature. A literature review by Deakin University which analysed more than 200 journal articles on research into the human health benefits of contact with nature, showed that access to nature plays a vital role in human health, wellbeing and development. HPHP Central is a place to access and share the latest international research, innovations and programs that focus on the health benefits of human contact with the natural world. - See

A philosophy and brand initiated by Parks Victoria in Australia Healthy Parks Healthy People has been adopted around the world including by the US National Parks Service. Diverse disciplines such as health, environment, parks, tourism community development and education sectors are called to work together to build healthier communities and tackle the issues facing our planet.


World Parks Day

World Urban Parks champions World Parks Day - an opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces. The most recent World Parks Day took place on Saturday 20 September 2014. The day was an international initiative created by the International Parks and Green Space Alliance (IUPGSA) to:

  • Communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context
  • Promote best practice by learning  from other parks services
  • Encourage people to enjoy their local park and appreciate the importance of green space

Word Urban Parks will evaluate whether a World Parks Week would provide an improved alternative. Any organization or individual can host a park event on World Parks Day and can register at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



World Urban Parks partnerships are listed here. Memoranda of Understanding will be available in the Members login area.



Generate Network

The Generate Network is an organisation with objectives to provide a collective voice, network and development opportunities for young professionals involved in the parks, recreation and conservation industry; originally in Australasia but with an intended global focus. World Urban Parks and the Generate Network have a Memorandum of Understanding to further a number of areas of cooperation including:

  • Generate Network is a sponsored organisational member of World Urban Parks
  • Is a primary, although not exclusive, source for the 'Young Professional' director on the World Urban Parks board
  • Reciprocal communications rights for a dedicated linked page between websites, sections in electronic newsletters, LinkedIn group network sites, and development of new methods of communications
  • Young professionals (to age 30) to have differentiated membership fees to professionals
  • Partnering on key projects to deliver each organisation's aims and objectives, such as: cross promotion/endorsement of membership, joint development of agreed programs and funding
  • Contributions to a young professional component, speakers etc. at World Urban Parks congresses and suitable seminars and receipt of discounted member rates
  • Promotion of the World Parks Academy and receipt of a discounted rate to members
  • Collaborating and supporting nominations to industry awards
  • Sharing and providing input to information, data and research
  • Other opportunities to build on the respective organisation's work and mutual learnings.

The Generate Network can be contacted at the following:



World Urban Parks Consultancy

World Urban Parks intends developing a consultancy where the expertise of members can be accessed as individuals or teams to assist with organisational strategy, planning, reviews, and in-depth advice.